A 2-carat Hearts and Arrows of Austrian crystal rhinestones.

1 juin 2011

A 2-carat Hearts and Arrows of Austrian crystal rhinestones. In the ad, that do not know the identification of counterfeit and host division and total monkeys echoed each other, talk at length about the perfect Hearts and Arrows cut 2-carat diamonds and expensive prices. Finally, brilliant acting of total monkey shouted this « 2-carat Hearts and Arrows Austrian crystal rhinestones, » the price – 998 yuan!

A rough diamond (also known as diamond), to go through multi-channel processes to become a finished cut and polished diamonds. One of the most common round diamond has 57 facets, in order to make the diamond reflection and scattering of light to more perfect effect. Hearts and Arrows is the highest level of cut diamonds,Tiffany Bracelets  also called Qiubiteqie work. This cut out processed diamonds, the proportion of each section is the most appropriate, can make the most perfect diamond light issue, but also because of its complex and difficult process to master. Diamond is the hardest material, cut and polished diamonds will be a slight bias problems. Although the hardness of diamonds is the highest, but it is also more brittle, they might be the original stone fragmentation, although the point, then good luck stone was still there, but the aspect angle of a problem, it can not be so perfect, so use this heart eight eight arrow cut diamonds, diamond cut than more expensive. This is that appraisers do not lie.

This is perfectly cut Hearts and Arrows. Arrows to view more special general lighting conditions, general conditions, it is more difficult to observe the whole picture, generally looking glass jewelry stores have a special look at gem cut. The positive side is that from the diamond eight arrows, negative side is, Tiffany Bracelets   and hearts. This is only round cut diamonds only, pear, teardrop-shaped, square, Hearts and Arrows diamond is no such a. However, if the pear-shaped, teardrop-shaped, square diamond, the price may in general than the so-called Hearts and Arrows you too much. The world’s largest diamond is drop-shaped. After all, take the Hearts and Arrows do a selling point, are more middle and low small-carat diamond.

Expensive diamond people know about the Earth. In general the price of diamonds is proportional to the square and weight, with the increase in weight increases exponentially. About 1 carat weight of diamonds, the price according to its color, clarity, cut and so probably 20,000 to 60,000 yuan or so, 2-carat diamond, about 30 million will. This is advertising which has repeatedly stressed that the appraisal division, this is also not wrong.


Anglo united states of america could be also considered a long-term investors

31 mai 2011

Seemingly ordinary, hassle-free industry game, and probably far-reaching. Be considered with your « left palm straight down the ideal hand » while using transaction, the to the south African Oppenheimer family, three ages may extremely properly be goodbye to fortune thinking of the street – the diamond industry. Tiffany Bracelets A hundred years monopoly from the Oppenheimer family, the diamond dynasty may extremely properly be « of dysfunction » partition.

New Year’s day of the 7 days 2011, a hair-trigger variations in equity enveloped within someone while using world’s biggest mining company, Anglo united states of america and also world’s biggest diamond dealer De Beers between. The past method of reveal order plans, gain access to with your latter’s controlling stake. earlier to this, Anglo united states of america previously carries a 40% stake in De Beers. The strategies to additional acquisition, is owned and operated from the Oppenheimer family, another 45% while using shares.

In fact, the Oppenheimer family, Anglo united states of america could be also considered a long-term investors. Anglo united states of america is by yourself Oppenheimer family people in to the south Africa in 1917 founded. However, the family people experienced just not too long back marketed a sizeable range while using shares held by Anglo American, the first shareholding fell under 2%. Insiders pointed out that once another biggest organizations from the shareholders of Anglo united states of america led the implementation of acquisition program, and also Oppenheimer family,MBT Shoes clearance 
Anglo American, De Beers, the long-term host and guest passionate relationship in between the two vendors should certainly be gone.

However, both equally as the acquisition while using outcome, as well as regardless of irrespective of once the Oppenheimer family people will be out while using diamond industry, next all, the Oppenheimer family people next managed 90% of international diamond billet market. For almost a century, the dynasty that next the diamond is obviously the earth diamond industry influence, the earth should plainly not be forgotten.

Oppenheimer family has its own first diamond mine

31 mai 2011

During World War I, the Germans have called the « forbidden zone » by the South African diamond mine, the military occupation, can not be started. Thus, Ernest was established in 1917, Anglo American Corporation of South Africa (1 million pounds of their initial capital, half from the United States, half from Britain, Tiffany Bracelets  so named), with the company about the acquisition of shares and the Germans. At that time the German side can not determine the war, do not know South Africa will not withdraw troops, so a very low price the risk of loss with this bonanza, sold together with Ernest. This way, the Oppenheimer family has its own first diamond mine.

Soon the war ended, Oppenheimer family’s diamond business has grew out lofty, which gives the South African diamond company, another veteran – British Cecil Rhodes’s De Beers Roe company – has brought competition problems. At that time, De Beers has 30 years of history, in 1893 in Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Tiffany Bracelets was the most comprehensive network of South Africa, the most powerful diamond mining and sales business.

Proximity to high-grade ore, Ernest Rhodes started with the price war. Over time, gradually withstand Rhodes, fearing their own company stock into a junk, 1926, he took the initiative to find Ernest negotiations. Final South Africa’s Anglo American Corporation and De Beers, the two companies to swap shares way to achieve a merger. This is the real purpose of Ernest: with De Beers to be eliminated one by one weakness of other diamond companies.

To the late 20th century, the death of Rhodes, Ernest has become the South African diamond industry is no substitute for the big brother. However, Ernest’s appetite does not stop there. In 1929, the Great Depression the world demand shock to the diamond, the diamond cartel in London reached the edge of bankruptcy – after De Beers, the alliance has been one of the most important competitors. Ernest seize this opportunity, through negotiations with the alliance members to integrate the two very low cost business.

In 1934, Ernest was founded in London in the famous central system sales organization (CSO), responsible for the De Beers diamond sales in the international market. Later, CSO to become the world’s largest diamond sales channels.

Ernest believes that « the only way to enhance the value of diamonds is to make them become scarce, is to reduce production. » A monopoly of the birth of a diamond dynasty finally allowed to practice this theory was. The hands of all the diamond mines closed because of Ernest’s decision, in the 1930-1933 years,MBT Shoes clearance   the world’s diamond production plunged from 22 million karats per year to less than 14,000 kt, diamond prices continue to rise.

Another benefit of monopoly to bring Ernest more obvious: Once the other diamond company, De Beers diamonds to release large amounts of reserves, so that diamond prices plummeted, so that the other party bankrupt or surrender. This makes any new entrants to compete with him, almost impossible.

Founded in 1935, Ernest E · Oppenheimer & Son, holding the family of all business. Most of these businesses have been packaged into Anglo American in South Africa. This pattern continued for many years, until 1999, South Africa, Anglo American and headquartered in Luxembourg Minorco company formed by the merger of Anglo American Corporation, and in London.

In the early 20th century, 50, Ernest became the richest man in South Africa.lesamour.createblog.com/blog/

To select a different style in jewelry

30 mai 2011

To select a different style in jewelry before, but also think about this style is for you. According to their occupation, select the appropriate character and habits of jewelry, wearing jewelry is designed to show their style. Where the so-called style is also divided. Often see people dressed like going to the Oscars, like walking in the street dressed like that even if the beautiful people will be laughing. As the evening dress can only be worn at a formal dinner occasions, like to wear jewelry there are rules. Work wearing suits designed for simple jewelry, jewelry for leisure time might exaggerate a little, when the jewelry party must be the head start to make people see and remember.Tiffany Bracelets  Many people appreciate the need to wear different clothing in different occasions, but on different occasions to wear the same piece of jewelry, fashion degree compromised.

Each jewelry is a character, the character to make jewelry with your personality match, so that the character of jewelry to add your temperament and not crumble your temperament. Wise woman’s jewelry could talk, they will know how to jewelry to pass through their own career, identity, interests, hobbies, or even pass her joy or sorrow of mind.

Exceed and is also the principle of jewelry to wear. We often see Maggie Cheung in attendance were all the occasions to wear a gourd-shaped necklace and earrings. Because the curve of her neck is very beautiful and the hand lines to appear less than perfect, so she chose the most appropriate jewelry to wear their own way.

Maverick ways to wear jewelry is becoming the new trend. Do not necessarily have a traditional ring necklace, in wearing a halter when you can make perfect skin off jewelry, Lu Qizhuang when wearing jewelry can also be decorated with the figure of a pretty dance. Something new can, but should not have any jewelry to the body piles, dressed up like Christmas trees may play an opposite role.


Pearl luster of pearl nuggets with its soft and stylish to entice people

30 mai 2011

Pearl with its warm, elegant, magnificent, enjoy for several people has often been considered as diamond jewelry empress.

Pearl diamond jewelry designer committed to employing the rich colors of different factors using the expression, employing pearl nuggets within lifetime undergo to enrich people’s feeling of satisfaction and style sense. Pearl can most excellent embody the selected effect, and with very pretty much severe craftsmanship, simple style and design and level of quality of pearls, pearl diamond jewelry achievements using the soul, the excellent interpretation using the definition of magnificent pearl.

Experts teach us, furthermore to desired style, Tiffany Bracelets the big choice of pearl nuggets by indicates of another aspects.

Shape: the condition of pearl is particularly rich, is generally split into round, symmetrical, three types using the contrary sex. circular condition pearl represents the pinnacle of quality, the additional the additional remarkably effective round, regardless of the truth how the worth of special-shaped pearl is simply not high, but promptly following the development of originality in the designer worth double, and by no indicates obtain the identical paragraph.

Size: the larger the dimension of pearls, the additional difficult the procedure of birth, the increased the value, appears to Yong Rong Huagui considerable pearls, the pearl will seem good looking middle-purity, must take into consideration other problems to come to a decision on their favorite.

Color: Pearl is generally described as colorful, and its general body shade and diffuse shade from general body shade around the whole, which includes a looming pale shade using the composition. furthermore around the golden to the south Sea pearls, with malachite eco-friendly shade with darkish pearls, the fundamental principle in the scarcity of increased prices, one other generally in the shade of pearl nuggets of several geographical and social traditions.

Luster: Pearl luster of pearl nuggets with its soft and stylish to entice people, the elegance and luster of pearl nuggets includes a sizeable influence on prices.

Finish: owing around the natural environment and healthiness using the mother furthermore as other elements of shellfish, most pearl nuggets have several types of area defects. Related: mine159.ohlog.com

Jade a probability

28 mai 2011

Jade a probability

Manufacture of important rocks just is not easy, confirm Tehan Mu’s father, Carlo Charles Tehan Mu (Carroll Chatham), when he must have been a teenager, then the issue of production an curiosity in important stones. Carol look at a information about a scientist seeking to information for diamonds, he desired to test at his personal produce of important stones.

Carlo’s father, in his basement making a laboratory in his experiments, Tiffany Braceletshe heated aluminum and soft dim graphite, after which this molten blend into fluidic nitrogen temps are low, the last results it exploded .

« Almost blew up his father’s house, » Tom Charles Tehan Mu stated how the explosion was so powerful, it broke every one among several glass windows covering your house throughout the street.

Carlo did not give up, he established to test at production jade. using the extremely lengthy time, he could not get it. Then a different person day, he runs a laboratory equipment as a signifies that he went toward University. When he left, Carol’s daddy away the basement covering the power, making the basement mixing using the element blend Carlo stove to amazing down. This in by itself just is not really a step, the last results came back when Carlo was established to produce the Emerald. var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-13121660-3']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true; ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘.google-analytics.com/ga.js’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();

Charles Tehan Mu and other scientists are creating gems

28 mai 2011

Typically, stones are below the surface by the Earth formed over millions of years, but Charles Tehan Mu and other scientists are creating gems. They are formed by imitation of underground Tiffany Bracelets  in the process, or by the formation of the new manufacturing gems. Lab created diamonds and natural gemstones have the same appearance and basic chemical structure, they can be produced within a few months or even days.

Artificial stones

Tom Charles Tehan Mu (Tom Chatham) desk filled with all kinds of precious stones, ruby ​​(ruby), sapphire (sapphire), emerald (emerald) and so on. They scattered like candy, and some even have stones as big as golf.

We sat in San Francisco (San Francisco) business district of the 7th floor of a building, the jewel in the famous mall Di Funi (Tiffany & Co) in the upstairs, but not in mall buy check Tehan Mu gem, his company is in Laboratories precious stones and diamonds.

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Image: Lab-made gem stones and natural form is very similar to this piece of sapphire (sapphire) was created by Charles Tehan Mu lab.

Typically, stones are below the surface by the Earth formed over millions of years, but Charles Tehan Mu and other scientists are creating gems. They are formed by imitation of underground gems in the process, or by the formation of the new manufacturing gems. Lab created diamonds and natural gemstones have the same appearance and basic chemical structure, they can be produced within a few months or even days.

Because these stones are manufactured in the laboratory, researchers can carry out the formation of stones strict control, so the lab created gem more pure than the natural stones. MBT Shoes clearance  Gem is not just a good material for making jewelry, but also create some tools (laser, drill, etc.) of the material. Lab-made diamonds could improve scientists, electronic equipment and more accurate detection of dangerous bacteria in drinking water.

Commitment gorgeous jewelry love

10 mai 2011

Historically there had been an example of madness, several Roman princess had to get a unique Bulgari jewelry, at the territory in exchange. In 1964, Sophia Loren Bulgari diamond necklace is stolen, the Italian beauty has many jewelry immediately burst into tears, heartache … …

Commitment gorgeous jewelry love  img200808071045037Tiffany Bracelets

As Mr. Bulgari CEO Paolo Bvlgari said, « life can not live without beautiful things. » The jewelry was born in 1884, the brand itself is beautiful to exist. Bulgari family from Greece, by the ingrained traditions of classical Greece, and its strong jewelry reflects the classical style of Greece and Italy, each a jewelry germination after the initial inspiration, but also by designers and craftsmen of the well- crafted, which generated a lot of jewelry in the classic.

Since opening its first store in 1884 has, 120 years, the business scope of Bulgari jewelry has been expanded from the original to the glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products, but even today, Bulgari also has maintained the form of workshops production, which makes his work both hand exquisite sense of craft and art of both deep breath, have a high value for collection.
Classics: Classical Greek style

Classical Greek and Italian-style Celtic style Trica series, reflecting the natural form of Naturalia series, there are first will be ceramics, gold and precious stones as one of the novel combination of Chandra series.

Brand FANS: a royal family, politicians, there are movie stars, and the Italian actress Sophia Loren and so on.

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Exclusive Tiffany creative designers Elsa Peretti

10 mai 2011

Exclusive Tiffany creative designers Elsa Peretti and substantially more inspiration by implies of the selected lifestyle and nature, by using simple and smooth lines, in spend money on to deliver refreshing and stylish style and design of diamond jewelry design. She is heading to be the sterling silver diamond jewelry around the historical earlier because of this in the beginning to introduce materials into tendency components and diamond jewelry designer.Tiffany Bracelets 
Elsa Peretti desired to function to the entire earth a person’s being can comprehend and be moved, as becoming a mark of selected lifestyle as well as beginning of « Beans » series, the account has tears, put on at the true physical framework to no lengthy lover burst into tears of « Teardrops » series, or on behalf of « American » apple company series, as well as new open up cardiovascular series, and her really enjoy of real silver, TIFFANY and consumers nearer the distance, the most recent entry in instead a few Tiffany style, all confirmed up by implies of the Elsa Peretti hand.
2008 New open up cardiovascular sequence / left: K yellowish silver necklace, in: store platinum diamond necklace , right: individuals diamond necklace silver inlay
« Open Heart » sterling silver bracelet

For her innovation critically is not simply a person’s being of the most important, splendid lines and design is timeless. Elsa Peretti Tiffany diamond jewelry in near to love, women can tendency an stylish and noble tastes on its head.
« Beans » sequence of real silver necklace

It may be to Tiffany to get presents for newborns, but generally usually do not need to pick the toddler series, and finally he picked up Peretti’s Beans series, by implies of « beans » (the Bean) symbolizes selected lifestyle and vitality because of this « bud » meaning that compact blessings toddler to increase up.MBT Shoes Clearance 
« Buttle » sterling silver necklace

1974 joined Tiffany & Co. After, Elsa Peretti’s function is heading to be the preliminary release of open up Heart. however the concern comes, when she made to really enjoy as becoming a necklace Fengyun once they may be not pondering how you can’t eradicate the cardiovascular itself, the simple and smooth, but additionally the pendant and chain combination? just like a substantial time, Tiffany studio grasp Mr. Kalich, talking around the effective German accent, awoke her: « Let necklace straight by implies of the love! »

« Sevillana » platinum diamond rope necklace shop, a dancing named without delay following the Spanish, as using the dancers turning like Yuanqun skirt, complete of creativeness .
So finally the shipping of open up Heart, Tiffany makes three decades a person’s being of the most well acknowledged Valentine’s morning gift. Elsa Peretti will create the preliminary open up cardiovascular necklace provided toward masters fiancee, for his ingenuity. The shipping of open up cardiovascular is generally constructed directly into a mini documentary.Tiffany siver Bracelets 
back once again in 1969, Peretti inadvertently get pleasure from the unique sculptor Henry Moore around the significant outside aluminum sculptures, the eyesight paintballs of other people is certainly a surrealistic style, has emerged in her eyesight paintballs a splendid heart-shaped arc, drawings under it quickly. She will really enjoy the style and design directly into a Fengyun substantial decorative buckles at the belt, when she recognized the invite toward significant tendency magazine shoot to place on around the waist; compact industry unexpectedly moved covering the people, around the diamond jewelry style and design design is generally a conservative era, a wave ripples. var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-13121660-3']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true; ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘.google-analytics.com/ga.js’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();

Environmental protection is a fashion lifestyle

9 mai 2011

Warm spring breeze grass green ground, blowing red garden flowers, awakening hibernating animals. With the pace of the spring, Wujin District, our Kindergarten class environment layout of the Cuban side has a new look, all imbued with the breath of spring: one after another by a used CD-ROM, paper made of morning glory, colorful corner of the classroom to spread; a trees from the wrapping paper, plastic bags made of green willow like a young girl standing on the corner dressing; a butterfly folded only by the books have to dance; a hand-made pieces of cactus graph, reflecting the spring green, and delicious candied fruit depicting map, reflecting the colorful spring! Greeting cards, boxes, wrapping paper, bottles and jars, fabric clothes many of these colorful use of the material in the teacher’s skilled in the miraculous, so that the class environment becomes vibrant, full of vitality.
Colorful multiple use of materials, making each of us old people have such a fine understanding of unity: « I feel bad not that the cost of materials, but materials can be recycled. » Classes in this environment, teachers gradually came to realize the innovative fun, enjoy the fruits of labor of their own, put it down. In particular, every class, every day in practice with real action to protect the planet. This is not just a simple concept and habit of savings, but not the mean behavior, which is higher than that of conservation, a high-quality, high quality of life. This is our way of life, which is characteristic of our environment, this is our Shangmei Sheng specific show live!