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Sparkling diamond bridal flowers light fingertip

Dimanche 8 mai 2011

Bridal fashion wedding ring is an indispensable touch of the body color, the bride’s wedding ring fingers touching off more perfect, the bride’s beauty through fashion show out of a perfect wedding ring, so the wedding the bride glow fascinating glory.

Forevermark Forevermark diamond ring  Tiffany Bracelets Sparkling diamond bridal flowers light fingertip  20110427093737_24405

Triple ring coupled with delicate flower shape, the diamond brilliant and beautiful combination of perfect form, filling the elegant diamond, cleverly designed triple ring of the bride’s fingers off with a more perfect sense, so that the bride’s fingers glow a unique beauty.

Van Cleef & Arpels Flowerlace flower ring

Flowerlace series of further continuation of the series of soft Fleurette jewelry and Smart. Finger ring is attached to the delicate curve of the design of the pendant silk reveal the effect of perspective; diamond earrings sparkle ribbon composed and charming.

Cartier Solitaire 1895 Series platinum diamond ring shop

Mosaic round brilliant cut diamonds (size from 0.3 to 2.5 kt) and dense diamond. 4 claw inlays. Round brilliant cut diamond ring ring inlaid design of small particles to the bride’s fingers off of the more glamorous, so the bride’s fingers glow of a beautiful shining glory.

Bulgari Bulgari Corona ring jewelry series more emphasis on the visual sense of the richness and changes in the design usually like using a variety of geometric shapes and lines. While this design Bulgari diamond ring, Tiffany siver Bracelets ring surface, and care are all diamond ring style, ideal for Chong Shanghua beautiful bride. It is worth mentioning that this diamond ring, ring care very much a part of the rotation of the visual sense, full of personality, in particular, can represent the style of Bulgari design.

Big sought after gold and silver jewelry

Dimanche 8 mai 2011

Big sought after gold and silver jewelry

Policies in the purchase of real estate under pressure from the real estate market is no longer the old scenery, off the market for gold and jewelry invest. Big sought after gold and silver jewelry 20110408171717_38080

According to reporter visited several jewelry store in Beijing, found that from last year to show to the precious metals of gold, represented 50% of the visits occurred, and the  Tiffany Bracelets  jade represented gain is even higher. A salesman told Jade « Securities Daily » reporters, said Jade as a scarce resource, the collection in recent years, many people, so the price increase is huge. From last year, the average rose jade has increased 10 times, and some texture, jade is very high at more than tenfold increase.

The salesman also told reporters, with a purple jade in the most valuable. He took out a purple jade bracelet with the current price is 12 million, while last year’s prices of only 8,000 yuan. Increase up to 15 times.

In addition, in special jade jewelry, jade, good quality, good carving and other works of this year’s prices also rose substantially. The salesman told the reporter, the market is famous for carving for added texture, jade carving works and some good auction price reaches million.

Up to million million yuan of jewelry for ordinary people, they can consume from it?

Jeweler told reporters interview, jade prices soaring, has become a luxury, the average person not want to buy, only those with money, or collection of people to buy, but do not rule out the hot money speculation.

Brand, deputy director of China Development Research Center, network senior adviser to the nest brand consultants peak in the Muslim to accept the « Securities Daily » interview, said that the current lack of investment channels, and as constantly overstating the threshold of real estate investment, Tiffany siver Braceletsmaking the number of idle funds into gold Silver Jewelry products. Although you can hedge against inflation, but because of cash to go the auction or pawn channels, so there are certain investment risks.

RUCO LINE2011 new spring shoes

Samedi 7 mai 2011

RUCO LINE produced in Italy, the products all over Italy and around the world in 1987, also launched a flagship store of the building. This is a young company formed by young people, everyone here see themselves as part of the company.
RUCO LINE2011 new spring shoes 129372382

Fashion, beautiful, comfortable high-heeled shoes. Ruco Line to high heels and shoes to a Crossover, the most suitable dress to work on Saturday, coupled with the design of sparkling flashes after work to MBT Shoes Clearancethe Happy Hours, definitely stole the show. Ruco Line also have other special shoes, like the seemingly flat design, in fact, some high-heel shoes hidden in the body, but it retains the beauty of wearing traditional shoes, comfortable shoes really rock out

Li Bingbing lead « Beggar » China’s sharp style

Samedi 7 mai 2011

Li Bingbing lead « Beggar » China’s sharp style icon

Li Bingbing lead

In the fashion industry, « sharp » Beggar style has always been designated the European and American action star, style has spread to the bone. But recently,  Tiffany Bracelets China also has a group of enthusiastic local « Beggar, » the icon is beginning to emerge. Li Bingbing (right) wearing a nude color dress Marni2011 spring and summer (left) appearances. Layers of lotus leaf design easy to look without, but just in line with Li Bingbing temperament. Lady Gaga decades to dress up all kinds of demons, as is the icon, which is by Jinian put the years in style. Henceforth, Li Bingbing wear every day as a beggar, but also into the icon!

It’s a top-quality plan to have accustomed to MBT clearance shoes

Vendredi 6 mai 2011

Do you realize the influence of MBT clearance shoes can provide to you? the perfect solution is is the reality that they’re able to enable us be considered more health, MBT Shoes Clearance due to the simple fact the unusual pattern as well because they can certainly also create our voguish style, appropriate our stance and gait. They necessitate much less of the spec to clutch and credit history beautiful patterns which are optimistic to complement gross tastes.If you have been endure from back once more aches and aching ft recently, the issue may effectively lie as portion of your shoes. If correcting your posture,MBT shoes clearance marketing and marketing improved our blood blood circulation all through the body and toning your legs, althoughtocks and ab muscles appear to be tolerable part effects, MBT shoes sizing may effectively be just the perfect solution is you have been looking for for. This kind of shoes can steer substantially to alleviating several ailments, and several doctors and physiotherapists want to create utilization of these to tackle patient.Of cause,

MBT shoes clearance   not every one a people have specifically the very same problems, however the dysfunction commonly occurs with out any sign, so in obtain to keep wellbeing and avoid the slight sickness away, we desire a people pair MBT shoe reviews. With it we commonly do not desire painstakingly to undertake any exercise, although just put on MBT shoes for each daytime walking, so we can certainly also conserve greatly period to undertake whatever that suits you to, its truly a top-quality news, is not it?Louis Vuitton Outlet
The storyy of MBT shoes which i’ll teach is reall funy, the protagonist is instead often a Swiss engineer named Karl Muller, he took a vacation for the to the south Korea and a people daytime his imitation leather shoes was destroyed bring about because of this hackly road, then he specify on the neighborhood shoes, amazed he identified this design of stroll barefoot relieved his backache in paddy field. Return back once more to Switzerland, he started to build a barefoot technology, pursuing a handroud of years of intensive research, the healthy and well balanced shoes as a last factor developed which may be now acknowledged as MBT activity high.It’s a top-quality plan to have accustomed to MBT clearance shoes slowly, by donning them for an hours every daytime and little by little escalating wear-time due to the simple fact the system strengthens.However unwanted customers are certainly not ideal for accomplishing strenuous exercise, jogging may be very in all probability the most ideal for them. MBT shoe evaluation could make the system stroll straightly, create stance and promote our blood blood circulation and increase efficiency, achieve physical fitness breathing.

What’s more, Tiffany Bracelets they cause you to experience like you can actually do something commonly filled up with energetic and bouncy! Our objective to create customers throughout the earth mindful because Tiffany siver Bracelets of this benefits of MBT shoes on-line and also to support them continue being more healthy and improved lives. Now we particular advocate this design shoes for all people.

Bonjour tout le monde !

Vendredi 6 mai 2011

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