if you wear high heels with side slope with


  if you wear high heels with side slope with or
Physical problems: side slope with the high heels with and impact on health is relatively small, they can help the body maintain a certain balance, strength will not let you work for a large sense of vertigo. Side with greater weight and the slope with the high heels, will bring greater pressure to the foot, often wearing,MBT Meli Sand    and you will lower extremity edema, weight gain!
Solution: I suggest you beat a lot of leg meridians, key beat in the thigh of the gall bladder and in the calf of the bladder, beat 2-3 times a day until a slight knock to send pain, sweating up. Often beat leg meridians, can speed up the rate of limb fat metabolism, help you discharge toxins legs!

MBT shoes are conducive to the treatment of back,MBT Nafasi   hip, leg and foot problems. MBT shoe sole structure designed to form a natural plateau. MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) is the first challenge: stepping on the ground feel soft, but not stable. Wearing MBT SHOES motor and sensory systems will respond promptly to the appropriate muscles to make appropriate and promoting blood circulation. The foot joint positive balance, make foot completes its physiological nature of the scroll movement. Effective control of the foot scroll action reduces the foot pressure and tension, and enhance muscle activity, let your feet get good mitigation. MBT SHOES can stimulate small muscles around the joints of the spine, protecting it from shock. Walking with it can further relax the back muscles. When walking with MBT can effectively exercise the small muscles around the joints, through increased muscle strength to burn more fat, walking a pleasant experience and training benefits to loss weight.
 if you wear high heels with pointed MBT Mwalk Physical problems: a pair of high heels with thin tip for you to add a lot of really feminine, but the University of New England Australia’s health experts, to wearing pointed high heels, women make sense of balance loss, motion sickness, sickness of possibilities will be greatly increased.
Solution: If you tip more than 3 times a week to wear high heels, I suggest you do 1-2 times a day recommended by health experts, « finger exercises exercise », it can effectively improve the focus of the small nerve cells, so that you have strong balance.
« Finger exercises exercise » method: MBT Kesho MJ MBT Mahuta Walking

Force each other, rubbing his hands clasped together, rubbing his right hand while his left hand up when the right hand holding his left hand knuckle, right hand that kept straight 5-6 seconds; the same, right up rubbing his left hand when holding the left hand palm knuckles , right hand that kept straight 5-6 seconds. Do the same action, repeated rubbing grip metacarpal 30 times a day to do it again sooner or later.

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