disease is bound to affect internal organs

Health shoes with stress
Wearing inappropriate shoes, will be unhealthy, and even lead to a variety of diseases. According to health experts, network 863, many of the clinical symptoms, such as corns, cysts, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, etc. are due to wearing inappropriate shoes caused by the patient through small or too tight due to frequent shoes, feet and shoes increased friction, cause foot swelling, foot pain, can lead to serious ankle, knee, hip and back and other problems. MBT Shoes Clearance 
 When the wear is too small or too tight shoes did not fit to walk, the foot will quickly fatigue, then dominated the foot of the neurons – the corresponding parts of the waist will also fatigue, but also to the brain via the spinal cord. There are many points as feet, foot disease is bound to affect internal organs.
Note first of three healthy shoes, shoes, heel height should be appropriate. 2 ~ 3cm heel to make the arch more reasonable, people’s buttocks before the close, tighten the abdomen, chest, straightened, people look tall and vigorous. Flat shoes make people focus too much on the list, hit the heel when walking, the vibration can be spread to the brain. High heel to toe ﹑ metatarsal is difficult to increase, and squeezed so ﹑ knee and ankle stress increases, the waist abdomen ﹑ to maintain a balance must be before very easily lead to back muscle ﹑ ﹑MBT Jambo   hip ligament strain. Long time, toe deformation, multi-form ﹑ thumb hallux valgus bursitis. In real life, short man to wear high heels to increase height. In fact the height of heel height should be proportional to a low of wearing high heels more dangerous.  

Sports shoes or shoes with flat shoes are a no. It can not be evenly distributed to ensure that the body center of gravity in the whole

foot, not the body’s muscles, ligaments, bones and spine to maintain a normal position and work status. Young people to wear

shoes or sneakers body after the change of gravity, the feet appear uneven distribution of forces will affect the footwork. Long-term

wear shoes on stage in the development of MBT Mahuta Shoes young people, not only useless, but very harmful.
Fourth, soccer shoes, soccer shoes, better to identify the general look smart in many soccer shoes, shoes are thinner, more fit.

More prominent feature is the sole has molded studs and spikes can be converted to meet the football field, can provide a good

grip and the toe and upper lane marked to prevent deformation and durable.
Fifth, all-around shoes for a variety of sports and like to practice a few times a week only people. Divided into two types: training

type and speed type. Training type toe a little Alice, have turned plastic, multi-use nylon mesh uppers; speed similar type and

running shoes.
Six, aerobic shoes are generally high to help, more light. Sole pattern is not deep, suitable for movement on the carpet; sole pattern

was deeper or more isotropic, for the movement of the wood floor. MBT Kesho MJ Shoes Seven, skateboard shoes, also called the « leisure shoes. » Shoes, lighter, rubber-soled stress grip, better able to seize skateboards.
Eight, hiking shoes, hiking the wild, often riding the sand and walking on uneven ground, and sometimes also need to go through a

mountain stream. Hikers backpack shoulder heavy, prone to sprains and slips, so the hiking shoes, and more generally for the help,

pimple soles, stress grip.
Nine, hiking shoes because the harsh environment and to face the cold windy weather, so these shoes are generally heavy, and

very strong, very resilient to pay good, and requires very good insulation. If on the snow-capped mountains, a professional high-

altitude hiking boots are generally two-storey design, plastic outer boots, boots for the warm air inside the material can withstand

the cold of minus 40 ℃. All hard-soled shoes, with crampons or skis with the card.
Shoes, by definition refers to the fitness or sports shoes worn. It can meet the diverse needs of the people transported to guarantee

the movement of the foot can play its basic functions.MBT Nafasi Shoes 
Movement is divided into competitive sports and fitness sports and

recreational sports, entertainment and sports. No matter what kind of movement needs to wear protective feet, increase the effect of

sports shoes.
Broadly understood as: fitness, sports, entertainment, sports and professional sports training process and the campaign used the


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