choose a pair of right and comfortable shoes

2 ~ 3cm heel to make the arch more reasonable, people’s buttocks before the close, tighten the abdomen, chest, straightened, people look tall and vigorous. Flat shoes make people focus too much on the list, hit the heel when walking, the vibration can be spread to the brain. High heel to toe ﹑ metatarsal is difficult to increase, and squeezed so ﹑ MBT Mahuta Walking  knee and ankle stress increases, the waist abdomen ﹑ to maintain a balance must be before very easily lead to back muscle ﹑ ﹑ hip ligament strain. Long time, toe deformation, multi-form ﹑MBT Nafasi  thumb hallux valgus bursitis. In real life, short man to wear high heels to increase height. In fact the height of heel height should be proportional to a low of wearing high heels more dangerous.

For walking exercise, in addition to the above must be noted that poor posture and injuries, the most important thing is safety and

choose a pair of right and comfortable shoes. MBT Meli SandAs long as time is not very tight, every day in locations as far as possible to walk

between moving to alternative transport or ride the elevator, even if a gap can not be set aside to walk, so can accumulate a certain

amount of exercise. MBT Mwalk  This exercise movement that is Professor Xie Mingzhe real life experience.
Who seldom exercise may start aching legs, because the energy from the combustion of glucose produced by the muscles of lactic

acid, etc., but the body will slowly adjust itself, after exercise habits will be changed to use fatty acids as energy, muscle it is not to

pain, and should therefore be adjusted depending on individual physical condition, and gradually increase the time and distance. In

addition, wear pedometers is to help set goals, motivate their aids, records can be assessed by testing whether the daily movement

of the target set, and then develop exercise habits. MBT Kesho MJ
Relax, to walk when the car, alone or enjoy the scenery along the pedestrian shapes and sizes; a chat with the company of the

different places, to walk freely among the fun, I wish you a step by step, out of the healthy way.

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